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Doula Contract Template (a must-have): Save Time And Eliminate Stress

The journey of starting a doula business can evoke a mix of excitement and apprehension. The prospect of being the pillar of support through such a transformative experience for families is undoubtedly thrilling.

However, amid this excitement, it’s crucial to recognize the essential aspect of establishing a successful doula business that provides an invaluable service. A legally binding document is one of the first things that should be in place for every professional relationship to protect both parties involved. That’s where a doula contract template becomes invaluable.

In this post, I will discuss doula contracts and agreements for both birth doulas and postpartum doulas, offering insights into what you need to know to protect yourself and your clients.

We will explore the importance of having a doula contract, the various types of contracts and agreements needed for birth professionals, the key elements to include in a doula contract, and how to avoid common mistakes.

So, let’s dive in and ensure you are well-equipped to handle any legal hurdles that come your way as a doula!

Lay a SOLID Foundation For Your Doula Business

With our checklist by your side, you can confidently navigate your Doula journey, knowing you’re well-equipped to handle every aspect of your business.

Doula Contract Template_ Take the Stress Out of Contract Creation

What is a Doula Contract?

A doula contract is a formal agreement between you and the family you’ll be working with. It’s a crucial document that details your services, payment expectations, timelines, and other important information.

Having a well-written agreement in place can help you avoid misunderstandings and disputes down the line, set yourself up for success, and ensure a positive experience for you and the families you work with.

Benefits of Having a Doula Contract

Having a doula contract is very important for both the doula and their client(s). It establishes a professional relationship and sets clear expectations for the services provided.

Having a detailed doula contract helps to ensure the following:

  • Helps the client understand the costs and scope of services before they hire you (the doula).

  • Prevents any misunderstandings that may arise between you (the doula) and the client during the course of their agreement.

  • Ensures all payments are made in a timely manner and to the terms of the agreement.

In short, a doula contract is crucial for establishing a strong and successful professional relationship between the doula and their client(s).

Types of Contracts and Agreements to Include

Here are some types of contracts and agreements to include:

  1. Service Agreement: This outlines the scope of services you’ll provide, including the number of prenatal and postpartum visits, length of labor support, and any additional services you offer.

  2. Financial Agreement: This specifies the cost of your services, payment arrangements, and any deposit requirements.

  3. Release of Liability: This document releases you from liability in the event of injury or harm to the client or their child during birth.

  4. Confidentiality Agreement: This outlines the confidentiality requirements of the doula and the client.

  5. Media Release Form: This form specifies whether or not the client consents to use their personal information or images for media purposes.

Quick tip

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic’s ongoing impact, doulas should incorporate a COVID-19 clause into their contracts. This clause should detail the precautionary measures to be implemented to safeguard both the doula and the client throughout the birth process.

In addition to these contracts and agreements, your doula contract should also cover the terms and conditions for cancellation and include an intake form. By covering all of these bases upfront, you can establish a clear understanding with your client and protect yourself and the other party.

Key Elements to Include in a Doula Contract

When creating a doula contract, it’s important to include all of the necessary information to ensure that you and your clients clearly understand the terms and expectations of your working relationship.

Here are some key elements to consider:

  1. Services Provided: Clearly outline the scope of services you’ll provide, such as prenatal visits, labor and delivery support, and postpartum visits. Be specific about what each of these services entails. It is equally important to specify in the doula contract which services the doula will not provide.

  2. Fees and Payment: Include information about the cost of your services, when payment is due, and what forms of payment you accept. You may also want to include information about what happens if payment is not made on time.

  3. Availability: Specify when you’ll be available to provide support and whether or not you’ll be on call 24/7 around the client’s due date. Be clear about any restrictions on your availability.

  4. Cancellation Policy: Outline your cancellation policy, including any applicable fees. Be clear about what happens if the client enters labor before the scheduled date.

  5. Client Responsibilities: Explain what you expect from the client, such as attending prenatal appointments, communicating openly, and following any guidelines you provide.

  6. Liability and Insurance: Include a section explaining your liability and insurance coverage and any waivers or releases the client may need to sign.

  7. Confidentiality: Include a confidentiality clause that outlines the client’s privacy rights and your obligations to keep their information confidential.

  8. Termination: Outline the circumstances under which the contract may be terminated, such as if either party breaches the terms of the agreement.

  9. Signatures: Include a section for you and the client to sign and date the contract, indicating that you agree to the terms.

Quick tip

Make sure to clearly specify in your contract whether you will provide a backup doula if needed and, if so, how that process will work. Be sure to include information about the backup doula’s experience, qualifications, availability, and any additional fees that may apply to their extra services. By including this information upfront, you can help ensure that your clients feel prepared and supported, even in the event of unexpected changes to your availability.

By including these key elements in your doula contract template, you can ensure that you and your clients understand your working relationship’s terms and expectations. Remember that each client is unique, so be prepared to make adjustments to your doula contract template as needed.

Doula Contract Template | Bloom Birth Studio

Where to Find Comprehensive Doula Contract Templates

If you’re a doula just starting out, you might find it helpful to have a ready-made doula contract template to work from. At Bloom Birth Studio shop, you can find doula templates for both birth doulas and postpartum doulas, complete with contract and intake forms for each.

These comprehensive doula contracts have been carefully crafted and are fully editable, so you can customize them to suit your client’s specific needs. They’re designed to help you get started quickly and easily without having to spend too much time creating your own contracts from scratch.

Whether you’re new to the doula world or have been practicing for a while, having a well-written contract is crucial to ensure that both you and your clients are clear on the terms and conditions of your services.

So, if you’re looking for an easy and efficient way to get started with birth work, check out the doula contract templates at Bloom Birth Studio.

Birth Doula Contract Template & Intake Forms

Birth Doula Contracts & Client Intake Forms

Having a solid Birth Doula Contract and Client Intake Form is crucial for birth doulas. These forms organize how you present the details of your services, pricing, and terms to your clients.

They include policies, procedures, and boundaries to ensure that working together is a breeze for you and your client.

Clear communication is key in any doula-client relationship, and these forms provide an amazing professional first impression and leave a lasting impact.

contract template
birth doula contract template and intake forms | bloom birth studio 1

Birth Doula Contract & Intake Forms Template


This comprehensive bundle includes all the necessary doula business contracts and intake forms to help you upgrade your marketing efforts and create a professional image that impresses your clients.

Bloom Birth Studio provides easy access to customizable doula contract PDFs and forms, taking the heavy-duty work off your shoulders so you can focus on providing the physical comfort and emotional support that new mothers need during pregnancy and childbirth.

Using these forms, you can answer questions and ensure you and your clients clearly understand your roles and responsibilities.

Postpartum Doula Contract Template

Postpartum Doula Contracts and Intake Forms

Postpartum Doula Contract and Intake Forms are essential for postpartum doulas, as they provide an organized way to present the details of your services, pricing, and terms to your clients.

With customizable contracts and forms available from Bloom Birth Studio, you can streamline the process and focus on providing the postpartum doula services that new mothers need to recover and adjust to life with a new baby.

These forms take the heavy-duty work off your shoulders, allowing you to provide the emotional and physical support that new mothers need during this transformative time.

contract template
postpartum doula contract template | bloom birth studio

Postpartum Doula Contracts and Intake Forms Template


Our Postpartum Doula contract bundle is more than just a set of templates. It’s a tool that saves time and energy by streamlining your client onboarding process and impressing your clients with professionalism and attention to detail.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How should I handle it if a client wants to terminate the contract?

A: If a client wants to terminate the contract, handling the situation professionally and respectfully is crucial. Here are some steps to follow:

  • Review the terms of the contract to determine if there are any clauses related to termination or cancellation.
  • Communicate with the client to understand their reasons for terminating the contract and address any concerns or issues they may have.
  • If the contract allows for termination, provide the client with information about any applicable fees or penalties.
  • If the contract does not allow for termination or cancellation, discuss possible alternatives with the client, such as rescheduling or modifying the scope of services.
  • Document any changes or agreements in writing and ensure you and the client sign and date the updated contract.

Q: How do I collect legally binding electronic signatures on contracts?

A: Collecting legally binding electronic signatures on contracts can be done through various online platforms provide services that offer e-signature services. Here are some steps to follow:

  1. Choose an e-signature platform: Many e-signature platforms are available, such as DocuSign, Adobe Sign, HelloSign, and SignNow. Research and compare different platforms to find one that meets your needs and budget.

  2. Create your contract: Include all necessary information and clauses and save the document in a compatible format, such as PDF.

  3. Upload the contract to the e-signature platform: Most platforms allow you to upload your contract directly or copy and paste the text into the platform’s editor.

  4. Add signature fields: Use the platform’s tools to add signature fields to the document. You can specify where signatures should be placed and who needs to sign.

  5. Invite signers: Enter the signers’ email addresses and send them an invitation to sign. The platform will usually send an email with a link to the document and instructions on how to sign.

  6. Monitor the status of the document: Most e-signature platforms allow you to track the status of the document, including who has signed and when. You can also set reminders for signers who haven’t yet signed.

  7. Download and store the signed contract: Once all parties have signed, you can download the signed document and store it for your records. Most e-signature platforms also provide a timestamp and audit trail, which can be useful in case of any legal disputes.

By using an e-signature platform, you can collect legally binding electronic signature signatures on your contracts in a quick and efficient manner while also ensuring the security and validity of the signatures. It’s important to choose a platform that complies with relevant laws and regulations, such as the ESIGN Act and the GDPR, and to follow best contract management and storage practices.

Q: What happens if I have to cancel on a client?

A: If you must cancel on a client due to unforeseen circumstances, such as illness or personal emergency, handling the situation honestly and transparently is crucial. Here are some steps to follow:

  • Communicate with the client as soon as possible to explain the situation and apologize for any inconvenience.
  • Provide the client with information about any backup doula or alternate support arrangements you may have.
  • Discuss options for rescheduling or modifying the scope of services to meet the client’s needs.
  • Document any changes or agreements in writing and ensure you and the client sign and date the updated contract.
  • If necessary, provide a partial or partial refund based on the contract terms and applicable laws or regulations.

Q: How do I handle payment and refund policies in the contract?

A: When creating a doula contract, including clear and specific information about payment and refund policies is essential. Here are some tips:

  • Specify the cost of your services, when payment is due, and what forms of payment you accept.
  • Include information about any deposit or retainer fees that may apply.
  • Outline your policy for cancellations and refunds, including any applicable fees.
  • Specify the circumstances under which you may terminate the contract and what happens to any payments already made.
  • Be sure to comply with any relevant laws or regulations related to payment and refunds, such as consumer protection laws or tax regulations.

By including detailed and transparent payment and refund policies in your doula contract, you can ensure that you and your clients clearly understand expectations and responsibilities.


In conclusion, a doula contract is a comprehensive document that outlines the expectations, services, fees, and limitations between you and your client. You must have a contract in place to protect yourself as a doula and your clients during the prenatal, birth, and postpartum phases.

A well-written contract safeguards the interests of both parties and fosters transparency, open communication, and trust.

Use our easy-to-use doula contract template to craft a clear and concise agreement that sets the tone for a successful partnership. Head to our shop and download now to get started!

Since 2022, Bloom Birth Studio has provided business templates & marketing tools for ambitious Doulas and Birth professionals. Work With Bloom Birth Studio or Shop Bloom Birth Studio’s Pre-made Templates – and come away with an elevated brand for your small business!

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