Postpartum Wellness Plan Workbook


Support new mothers effectively with the Postpartum Wellness Plan Workbook. This 14-page editable Canva template helps your clients work through sleep plans, nutritious meal ideas, infant feeding support, and self-care routines and includes a bonus recovery checklist and reference sheet.

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As a postpartum doula, you know your critical role in a new mother’s journey. Give your clients the comprehensive support they deserve with our Postpartum Wellness Plan Workbook. This 14-page editable Canva template empowers you to offer clear, structured guidance that addresses all aspects of postpartum recovery.

Key Sections Include:

  • Sleep & Rest: Create personalized sleep and rest plans that rejuvenate new mothers while managing their babies’ routines.
  • Nutritious Meals: Provide meal planning ideas and healthy recipes to bolster energy and overall well-being.
  • Infant Feeding Support: Provide guidance on breastfeeding, formula feeding, and mixed feeding to meet each family’s unique needs.
  • Older Sibling Support: Help mothers ensure a smooth transition for older siblings, fostering bonding and adjustment.
  • Renew & Recharge: Introduce self-care routines and exercises that help mothers reclaim their joy and identity.
  • Returning to “Normal”: Assist mothers in finding their new rhythm while adapting to their changing roles.
  • Mental Health Overview: Equip yourself with strategies and resources to spot and address postpartum mental health challenges.

Bonus Features:

  • Postpartum Recovery Checklist
  • Reference Sheet

Stand out as a doula who provides comprehensive, compassionate, and practical support with this essential resource. The Postpartum Wellness Plan Workbook will help you deliver the care that makes a difference in your client’s lives.

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This packet includes two fully customizable Canva templates that are designed to help you:

  • Supporting Your Clients Through the Fourth Trimester
  • Provide added support with a Postpartum Depression Reference Sheet
  • WOW your clients with a fantastic, helpful resource


Everything! You can move, edit or change all the elements in the template. You can add, remove or duplicate pages and adjust the order. All colors and fonts are entirely editable, so you can swap them out to match your style.


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