I help DOULAS, like YOU, navigate the business and marketing side of DOULAPRENEURSHIP with clarity.

You’re in the thick of it all. You’re excited about the possibilities of living out your calling every day, guiding women toward beautiful birthing experiences. But suddenly, reality hits hard: entrepreneurship is not easy! Business requires more than intuition; it requires planning, skill, and guidance.

You’re stuck with a long list of to-dos with steep learning curves—trying to figure out how to kickstart your doula business, wrestling to create a website on your own, running into several tech headaches, and, on top of that, still trying to grow on social media and put together your business contracts and processes.

Sound familiar? It’s okay. Every doula entrepreneur faces these challenges. But the good news is you’ve landed at the right place. That’s where I come in.

I specialize in helping doulas like you navigate the chaos of doula entrepreneurship. Whether you need help finding the ideal doula website template, learning how to get found online, or securing solid business contracts, I’ve got you covered. I help you navigate the crowded market and communicate your value effectively, empowering you to take control of your success.

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Let’s Make Some Magic

Over the years, I’ve supported over 800 doulas in simplifying their marketing, attracting their ideal clients, and transforming their practices, instilling in them a sense of confidence and capability.

My connection with doulas is rooted in a deep belief in the impact of doula support. I’ve experienced firsthand the transformative power of doula support during the home birth of my son.

As Amy Gilliland beautifully states in the book The Heart of a Doula, Women change their lives based on their births.” This resonates with me. My birth experience transformed my sense of self, my trust in my body, and my overall confidence.

This is why I’m so passionate about helping doulas make a difference in the lives of families everywhere. There are women who don’t know what a doula is and the value you provide (that was me during my first birth), who suffer and experience heartbreaking birth experiences due to a lack of knowledge and exposure to doula work.

I want to help doulas get their message and services out to the women and families who need them.

Through my digital business templates, marketing expertise, and website solutions, I aim to equip doulapreneurs with the clarity and confidence to run thriving, sustainable businesses that get seen and change their lives and the lives of families everywhere.


We help educate and inspire ambitious doulapreneurs to step into their calling

Are you a doula who pours your heart and soul into your work yet feels overwhelmed by the business side of things? You’re not alone. I understand your struggles—from getting started to articulating your worth to reaching those ideal clients who truly need your support.

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Meet The Founder


With a decade worth of experience in branding and marketing, I decided to share my strategies with birth pros.

I’m here as your go-to brand and marketing strategist. With a background in creating a successful 7-figure e-commerce brand, I bring together years of expertise in branding, marketing, and web development to complement your impactful work.

My mission is clear: I want to help you attract clients you adore (and who adore you in return) and build a business that reflects your life’s passion. I’m dedicated to easing your business concerns and providing you with the tools necessary to establish a strong brand presence.

I live in Atlanta, GA, with my husband and two children. I’m excited to join you in your business journey.

A look back on
my journey…

family business


In my 8th year of entrepreneurship, I faced the new challenge of balancing business with motherhood. Continuing to scale the family e-commerce business, laying the foundation for what was to come.

birthing my baby at home - home birth experience


As I was preparing for the arrival of my second child, I couldn’t ignore the stark contrast in professional branding and marketing within the birth industry. Recognizing a gap in the market, I founded Bloom Birth Studio just before my son was born at home. It was an exhilarating time, and I’ll never forget the excitement of making our first online sale on our launch day.

doula website template selah raye


And that brings us to the present…

I am filled with excitement and anticipation for what lies ahead. Our journey with Bloom Birth Studio is far from over. We are committed to expanding our product offerings, reaching more doulas worldwide, and continuing to make a positive difference in the birth community.


It all started with my first birth experience…

I became a mother for the first time, but the experience was filled with challenges as I navigated childbirth without the support of a doula. The interventions and lack of knowledge in the hospital setting left me feeling unprepared and desiring a better way next time.

hospital birth experience


The news of a second pregnancy renewed my determination to approach childbirth differently. I wanted to birth my way. This time, I wanted a more empowered and informed experience. I sought the support of a doula and midwife.

coping with labor pains - home birth with a doula


This year marked significant growth for Bloom Birth Studio. With over 2200 sales and the support of 800 doulas worldwide, our templates were making a meaningful impact in the birth community. To further establish our presence, we launched our official website, bloombirthstudio.com, connecting with even more birth professionals around the globe.

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With the support of 800 doulas worldwide, our templates ARE making a meaningful impact in the birth community.

Meet Our Team

Dos Santos Team

Thiago Dos Santos

I’m the tech brain behind the scenes. I help keep our systems running smoothly and always explore new ways to support our team. Fun Fact: I’m the biggest advocate for home births—especially after the incredible experience of catching my son!

Micaela Grace
office Manager & Assistant Designer

Micaela Grace (5)

I run a tight ship around here. From schedules to spreadsheets, I ensure everything stays on track. I also help design all the templates in our shop. Fun Fact: I asked my mom to make this whole site pink because pink is my favorite color.

Noah James
Content Creator

Noah James (2)

Whether scribbling with crayons or capturing candid shots, I’m always on the move, looking for more content. I’m the creative powerhouse behind our brand. Fun Fact: Trains are my absolute favorite thing ever! Choo-choo!


doula business checklist - bloom birth studio


Just getting started? Use our comprehensive checklist to streamline your practice and ensure you have all the essentials for a thriving business.

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Dive into the ultimate guide for aspiring doulapreneurs! Unlock the roadmap to success and embark on your journey to becoming a successful doula today!

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Leverage the power of SEO to drive organic traffic to your site, positioning your Doula services in front of more potential clients and boosting your business growth.

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